• Healthy 3 Ingredients Fireworks Pancakes
  • The Perfect Guacamole
  • Swedish Cinnamon Star Bread (like a cinnamon bun)
  • Tropical Green Detox Smoothie
  • Chocolate Pots de Crème

Healthy 3 Ingredients Fireworks Pancakes

Tomorrow the Americans celebrate Independence Day! Let’s start the 4th of July celebrations with some beautiful patriotic and healthy pancakes for breakfast!

Healthy 3 ingredients firework pancakes1

I love American pancakes, and I usually enjoy them in a lazy weekend morning when I have some time ahead of me to mix all the ingredients together. During the week however, I like to start my day with a quick, healthy and nourishing breakfast instead, to bring me all the energy I need for the day.

But now I found a way to enjoy some very tasty and healthy pancakes at the same time, and I can have them both during weekdays and in the weekend without feeling guilty! Moreover, these pancakes require 3 ingredients only, and are totally flourless (and as a result, gluten free as well).

Healthy 3 ingredients firework pancakes

No added sugar, no flour, no lactose… I admit I was a little bit sceptical while trying the recipe at first. Nevertheless, the idea of peanut butter and banana together convinced me that these pancakes must have something magical in them. I was right: you get some fluffy and tasty pancakes, with high protein level….

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The Perfect Guacamole

Summer is on and the holidays are around the corner for many of us. Time to light up the barbecue, guys! At our place, we have a tradition: making guacamole as an appetizer before each barbecue. I admit I’m usually not the one whipping up guacamole at home. My boyfriend David loves guacamole and he excels at…

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Swedish Cinnamon Star Bread (like a cinnamon bun)

As you may already know, the Swedes are fairly well attuned to the rhythms of nature. Each year, by the end of June (usually between the 19th and the 25th), they celebrate Midsummer, the most important holiday in the Swedish calendar, and also a beautiful tradition which is centered around the summer solstice. Midsummer (or “Midsommar” in Swedish)…

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Tropical Green Detox Smoothie

When I hear green smoothie, it has this double effect on me: on one hand it means clean eating and I kind of like this, while on the other hand I’m a quite sceptical about the taste. I have been working on a good green smoothie recipe for a while now and this one is by…

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Chocolate Pots de Crème

I just finished the shooting of these chocolate pots de crème. I couldn’t wait any longer, I grabbed the last jar and ate it all in once. Seriously, I’m like a little girl in front of these beauties each time I make them and it feels good. This is death by chocolate, I tell you! Sometimes…

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